Washpro Laundry Pickup Service process applies a combination of highly digitized processes and trained laundry professionals to deliver an exception laundry experience for our customers.  Our processes and systems are thoughtfully wrapped around your convenience and contentment.

We at Washpro Laundry Pickup Service hold ourselves and our partners to the highest possible standards. Our adherence to processes is exemplary because we understand its significance and the direct impact it has on our customers.

Some organizations value processes more than humans, and vice versa. But here at Washpro Laundry Pickup Service, we believe in keeping a harmonic balance between processes and humans. Both are equally critical to the success or failure of any business.

Washpro Laundry Pickup Service Laundry Processes

Washpro Laundry Pickup Service’s goal is simple

Provide low-cost & high-quality laundry and dry-cleaning services to our customers, accessible from the comfort of their home.

Washpro Laundry Pickup Service's End-to-End Process


With Washpro Laundry Pickup Service, you don’t have to schedule your pickup every time you want your laundry done. We can setup repeat laundry pickups for you and you can choose the laundry pickup frequency you require.

You can schedule via our website https://washproinc.com or download our iOS or android app Cleancloud or simply text or call us at (800) 461-5004. While scheduling your pickup, you can specify your laundry wash preferences and give instructions specific to your laundry load. Again, this is a one-time activity unless you want to change your preferences or instructions later. Washpro Laundry Pickup Service will notify you via your email upon order acceptance.


Our valet will visit you during scheduled pickup time and will text or call you 15 min before arriving. You can either handover your laundry to our valet in person or leave it outside your house or with the security desk / reception. Washpro Laundry Pickup Service will send you a notification when we pickup your order. 


Valet handover your laundry to the Washpro Laundry Pickup Service’s facility manger who segregates laundry based on type, like wash and fold, dry cleaning or hang dry. Tag all bags with customer name and unique order id. Weigh the wash and fold bags, count and label hang dry and dry cleaning items. Verify preferences and instructions and ensure order ticket is updated accordingly. Washpro Laundry Pickup Service’s  cleaning associate start processing your order based on the instructions stated on the order ticket once the afore-mentioned activities are performed.


Washpro Laundry Pickup Service valet will deliver your order accordingly to the schedule delivery date and time. Valet will text or call you 15 minutes before arriving., and you can either collect your laundry in person or instruct the valet or customer service to leave the laundry outside your house or with the security desk. We will send you a notification as soon as your laundry is delivered. We weigh and count your laundry depending on the type of laundry which helps us prepare your invoice in line with the pricing listed our our website for your zip code. You can pay your order through Cleancoud app. If you placed your order over phone or through website, you will receive an email with a link to pay via credit / debit card. 


Download our Cleancould app

Select ‘Washpro’ as your store after download

Products Washpro Laundry Pickup Service use

Washpro Laundry Pickup Service procure all brand products from BJs Wholesale Club or Walmart and store products from Aura Detergent. We buy our transparent poly bags, hangers, custom laundry bags and other supplies from Cleaners Outlet, Cleaner’s Supply and Uline. All Washpro Laundry Pickup Service’s office supplies are sourced from Staples and Amazon.